Learn your body

The first discovery

Contents of the game:


  • 2 characters – a boy and a girl;
  • nice visuals, positive characters and lively animation to keep your infant fully engaged;
  • voice-over done by professional actors;


We are a team of enthusiastic professionals who share a passion for children and do our best to make education more accessible for them. There are highly qualified teachers, psychologists, authors, editors and software developers among us.


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You no longer have to be a visual aid for your toddler. No-one will look into your mouth or test the durability of your ears. Pets will stop hiding in the corners hoping to keep their paws intact. Just show your kid this game and let them practice with the characters as much as they want. The characters will respond in a funny may; moreover they won’t complain if their hair is accidentally pulled.

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The first discovery an infant makes about the world is their face and body. “Touch my nose” or “show me my eyes” – this is what you say so that a child familiarizes herself with your face. However, during such games the learner may become overly excited which often results in accidents such as scratching or poking you in the eye.

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