Clever Coloring

Coloring stories – clever readers for children.
Teaching to be a good person.


Coloring stories is a collection of funny, amusing and educational stories for kids. Each story is dedicated to a certain behavioral skill. It will help adults to instill good qualities to their kids without extra instructions. While carrying out tasks your child will be able to analyze behavior of the characters, give them advice and draw conclusions. Funny stories will turn the process of drawing into an amusing game and will keep the little fidget from getting bored.
The pictures are unfinished or only half colored in which helps children to create their own masterpieces using the examples given. The child-friendly interface and set of tools and colors will facilitate creative work without confusing a kid.

Colorong Books have been designed to develop fine motor and graphic skills as well as creativity and imagination. With Coloring Books your little ones will both enjoy themselves and benefit.

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each story is dedicated to a certain quality;

enjoyable music for kids;

tasks for drawing and coloring on every page;

narration with each story;

user-friendly and intuitive interface;

a wide range of drawing and coloring tools including crayons, felt-tip pens and paints;

20 colors;

a possibility to save your youngsters’ masterpieces;

empty ‘art-pages’ as a bonus to every story.




New Year Story

Snow fairytale

Polite fairytale

Brave Duckling

Independent baby elephant

A Croc Who Believed in Himself

Fluffy the Kitten Learned to Finish his Work


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