I Wish
I Were a Cook

At practically any age children enjoy trying on various roles by acting out different jobs. In such a way they choose what they want to do later in life. Therefore we suggest becoming a real cook for a while. Through this app we will inform what a cook does, how to create a culinary masterpiece and share the magic that fills every kitchen.

We would like to emphasize that interesting and funny games related to kitchen and cooking develop children’s memory, attention span, logic and creativity. Moreover, they help improve motor skills and even increase appetite.

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  • a story about a cook as a job;
  • modern and creative approach to cooking;
  • bright and stylish visuals;
  • eight exciting and entertaining tasks;
  • lively music to enhance appetite;
  • voice-over performed by professional actors;
  • the app is clearly organized and easy-to-use, which will allow a child to complete the tasks independently.


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